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Since 1975, The Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt, Esq., in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, New Jersey, have provided clients effective representation in a range of civil and criminal legal fields, from family law to motor vehicle violations. If you are in need of a lawyer, Mr. Goldblatt and his law firm can provide you with individual attention and effective representation so that your case can reach the desired outcome, whether inside or outside of court. Lawyer Jeffrey W. Goldblatt provides services regarding:

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The decisions passed down by the court system can have significant and often permanent effects on our lives. Whether your marriage is coming to an end, you are facing criminal charges, or you have been denied social security benefits, you cannot afford to brave these challenges without a legal advocate. 

Mr. Goldblatt can answer any questions you have about your legal issues during your free initial consultation. During this time, you can find out for yourself why so many clients throughout East Brunswick, Freehold, Wall, and the entire state of New Jersey recommend Jeffrey W. Goldblatt.

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I felt very welcomed in the office by the staff Rachel,who is so down to earth and Mr. Glodblatt. I just want to say that you are the best lawyer i have ever hired. I thank you for your help,determination, courage, analytical skills and hard work. I would recommend your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer.

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Maria Garr


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Very professional, attentive and very well understands the process. Mr. Goldblatt is a terrific advocate and will give you an honest assessment of your particular situation. His assistant, Rachel was terrific in ensuring that all documentation was handled promptly and accordingly. Highly recommend Mr. Goldblatt!

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Jeffrey W. Goldblatt A Compassionate Lawyer

The Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq., provides the communities of East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, with a range of legal services. Mr. Goldblatt is a lawyer who prides himself on providing compassion and understanding to his clients. Jeffrey W. Goldblatt strives for complete client satisfaction, and will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your case at any time along the way.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq., can review your case and give you a range of viable options so you can achieve a successful outcome. Our firm handles a wide range of legal matters, from family and collaborative law to motor vehicle violations. Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can provide you with solutions that serve the best interests of your family from our offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ.

Attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt
Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has practiced law for more than 35 years.


American Bar Association
The Jersey State Bar Association
Middlesex County Bar Association
Monmouth Bar Association

"Helped Me Get Through My Divorce With Ease." More 5-Star Client Reviews


Daniel Fitzgerald


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Jeff was the best attorney I could have asked for. The night I was served I was calling around to attorneys he called me back that night. He helped me get through my divorce with ease. Highly recommend to anyone.

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Chris Porto


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Mr. Goldblatt is an excellent Attorney and very easy to work with.  His knowledge of family law and his dedication to me as a client resulted in a much better than expected outcome.  I highly recommend Mr. Goldblatt for any matters you might need legal assistance with.

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Protection for Clients with Disabilities

During your consultation at our East Brunswick firm, Mr. Goldblatt can answer questions about disability eligibility, or guide you through the appeals process if you have been denied disability benefits

Divorce Options

Traditional methods of divorce are needed when parties disagree on at least one term of the divorce. This is more often the case, as it can be difficult for separating spouses to agree on every term, especially when it comes to children and finances.

If, however, the divorce is a mutual decision, and both parties are in complete agreement to all terms, a collaborative divorce may save you time, money, and stress. Options for the collaborative process include:

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must agree on all issues during separation. You and the other party must be in absolute agreement on property division, child custody, child support, alimony, and all other outstanding issues. Even if the divorce is uncontested, you will need an uncontested divorce attorney to prepare and finalize the settlement agreement.

Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing spouses must agree to resolve their differences through negotiation. Each spouse is asked to pledge not to proceed to trial. Each of the involved parties is represented by an attorney of his or her choosing. When the prerequisites are satisfied, the parties meet to negotiate a divorce agreement that will be presented to the court and become legally binding. Having guided clients through divorces of all kinds, attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has come to believe ending a marriage through collaborative law is in the best interest of everyone involved.

collaborative divorce
Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

In New Jersey, mediation provides an alternative to typical divorce litigation. During the mediation process, the parties involved agree to pursue a resolution of their issues by selecting an individual to act as a neutral third party. This mediator provides guidance in reaching a settlement of all contested issues. Held outside of the public record in confidential sessions between the parties, the mediator explores all disputed family law issues such as custody of children, parenting time, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of assets and liabilities. The mediator acts to facilitate the negotiations between the parties.

Considering a Divorce?

Attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt understands the difficulties that a family faces when going through a divorce. Our firm will take every measure throughout the legal process to ensure that you feel well-informed and confident about your case. Even if you amicably part with your spouse, Mr. Goldblatt can help you plan for the future. He is prepared to represent your best interests during a settlement or in court.

Mr. Goldblatt is a lawyer who has personally handled thousands of family law cases for families in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ. During your consultation, your attorney will explain a number of options for your divorce proceedings. The approach our firm takes to  your case all depends on your particular situation. The state of your relationship with your spouse will be the primary factor in determining which option best suits your needs. Divorce in New Jersey includes both traditional methods and newer collaborative law options.

If you are considering a divorce, schedule a free initial consultation at one of our convenient offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, online or call us at:

(732) 238-8700

"Made Me Feel Valued."


John Valencia


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I had a very positive outcome while using this Law office. My calls were always returned in a timely fashion and I was kept abreast of what I needed to know. They answered my questions and made me feel as a valued client during the entire process. They were always friendly and professional. Because an agreement could not be reached by both parties it ran longer than it should have but in the end justice and vindication prevailed

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L Donovan


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I definitely recommend this law firm. They are professional and responsive,  keeping communications coming throughout the process as well as treating you with respect,  valuing your time and addressing your concerns.

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"Answered All My Questions."


Arianna Qira


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Jeff went above and beyond to help me with a contract for the house I am purchasing.  He answered all my question within the same day.  He broke all my questions down into words I could understand.  Jeff took the time to explain things to me, give advice, and answered all my questions. I felt confident in purchasing my first home with Jeff helping me along the way.

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Lucille Tomaso


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Mr. Goldblatt handled our real estate closing. The process was extremely smooth. He was always available for questions and was very responsive to our calls. He has handled multiple matters for my husband and I. Highly recommend him! We will work with him again when we have our wills prepared!

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Additional Legal Services

The Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq., in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, has helped thousands of clients over the years. Mr. Goldblatt can provide the residents of New Jersey a wide range of legal services, including:


For clients in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, one of the most difficult law issues in any divorce can be the subject of alimony. There is a variety of different factors considered by the state of New Jersey when it comes to determining alimony. Our firm will work closely with you in representing your best interests so we can present your case to a court in a clear and concise manner in order to obtain the best possible result.

Explore Alimony

Child Custody

In any custody dispute, a variety of factors need to be considered by the court in order to determine the best interests of the child. The public policy of the state of New Jersey is to ensure children have frequent and continuing contact with both parents and encourages that they both share the rights and responsibilities of child-rearing. It is important to speak with knowledgeable counsel in order to adequately prepare a case.

Explore Child Custody

Traffic Tickets

As traffic violations add up, the consequences increase in severity. The key is to protect your rights after every alleged traffic violation. Truck drivers and other people who use a commercial driver's license to make a living can put their career in jeopardy if they face certain traffic citations. Whether you are a resident of East Brunswick, Freehold, or Wall, NJ, or you are just passing through the state, the Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq., can protect the rights of all drivers who have been issued a traffic violation in New Jersey. 

Explore Traffic Tickets

Post-Judgment Modifications

All orders issued by a court of law must be followed by the parties involved. However, when there has been a significant change in your life, the life of your former spouse, or the life of your child or children, the court orders should reflect that change.

Explore Post-Judgment Modifications

Restraining Order

In East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, whether you need a restraining order or you have received notice that a restraining order will be placed against you, Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

Explore Restraining Order

Family Law

The Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq., can provide legal representation for virtually all matters of family law. From child custody to postnuptial agreements, attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt will protect your rights and interests so that you can resolve any family law issues in the best possible way. We have offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, to serve you.

Explore Family Law


If you and your spouse agree that your marriage is over, mediation has numerous benefits over divorce litigation. Mediation allows parties to resolve issues in a more civil manner compared to traditional divorce. Attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt's law firm can provide you the resources needed to move forward with a mutually beneficial divorce agreement.

Explore Mediation

Social Security Disability

The appeals process for Social Security disability is incredibly complex. The overwhelming majority of applicants are rejected, which shows how important it is to have a lawyer involved in the appeals process as early as possible. If you are looking for a lawyer to help with your appeals process, attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can help you. If you qualify for Social Security disability, you need to focus on recovering from your injury, not fighting for the benefits you deserve. Let Jeffrey Goldblatt be your advocate.

Explore Social Security Disability
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Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq.

Attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has been representing family law, criminal law, and social security disability clients since 1975. He is proud to be affiliated with top legal organizations, including:

  • Middlesex County Bar Association
  • Family Law Committee
  • Monmouth County Bar Association
  • New Jersey State Bar Association 

If you are looking for legal representation from a top-rated lawyer in East Brunswick, call our law firm at (732) 238-8700 or request a consultation online.

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