Juvenile Drug Offenses

An underage person facing legal consequences for a drug-related crime will most likely be charged as a juvenile. Penalties for drug crimes are similar for adults and minors, and a child's young life can be severely impacted by a drug conviction. He or she may find it harder to gain employment, be accepted to college, or secure an apartment. Attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt has helped many juveniles and their families in the wake of drug charges, and can build a case that results in charges being reduced or dropped altogether. Contact us online today or call (732) 238-8700 to schedule a consultation.

juvenile drug arrest
Jeffrey Goldblatt can help ensure that drug charges do not have long-term negative effects on your child's life.

Types of Drug Offenses

Juveniles can be charged with:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Drug-related DUIs
  • Drug manufacturing or delivery
  • Drug distribution or trafficking

New Jersey Juvenile Drug Laws

Criminal proceedings for juveniles differ from adults in that they are closed to the public for purposes of the child’s privacy. The only individuals who may be present in court are those directly involved in the case.

When a juvenile is charged with a drug-related crime, a legal decision will be made by the courts whether to dismiss the complaint or refer the matter to the juvenile division of the family court. If the case goes to juvenile court, a series of hearings will be held to determine whether the case will be heard at trial. Unlike adult proceedings, juvenile trials do not involve a jury of peers, but are heard by a family court judge who makes all of the decisions regarding the case. If the drug charges are serious, a juvenile may be tried as an adult and face a jury of peers.

Penalties & Legal Defense

A juvenile convicted of a drug offense stands to be penalized much in the same way an adult would, which may include fines and incarceration. In lieu of jail time, a minor may be sent to a juvenile detention center.

The legal system creates certain protections for minors, including the mandate that juveniles must be represented by an attorney at trial. This means that it is not a question of whether a juvenile should retain a lawyer - instead, it is a question of which attorney to hire. One of the most important steps you can take toward improving your chances of having charges dropped or mitigated is by hiring an attorney who has handled many cases involving juveniles charged with drug offenses.

What Jeffrey Goldblatt Can Do

Jeffrey Goldblatt will immediately initiate a thorough investigation into the facts of your case. This will include reviewing police records, consulting with experts and witnesses, and obtaining all evidence necessary to building the strongest defense.

Mr. Goldblatt is familiar with drug laws and can use them to your advantage. For instance, he can identify any violation of your child's rights, such as the illegal acquisition of evidence. In these instances, he can have this evidence suppressed before trial, which can lead to the dismissal of charges.

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Mr. Goldblatt and his firm have been successfully representing juvenile clients for more than 30 years. He can minimize the penalties against your child, or have the charges dropped completely. Call or email his office today to schedule a case review.

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