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Restraining Order Lawyer

Needing or being served with a restraining order can have an enormous impact on your life.

Order attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt is a former municipal prosecutor who can represent restraining order plaintiffs and defendants. 

Learn why locals in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, who need to file or dispute a restraining order seek out our law offices. 

The Prevalence of Domestic Violence

If you are involved in a domestic abuse situation, you are not alone. In both 2018 and 2019 there were approximately 60,000 domestic violence offenses reported by New Jersey police. Order lawyer Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can vigorously fight for your legal rights regarding restraining orders.

High Recommendations From Our Clients 


Roman Royzengurt


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I not only recommend attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further.
Mr. Goldblatt is smart, cost-conscious, efficient and really knows matrimonial law. Genuine, ethical, responsive and effective. Calm and controlled personality. I was legally divorced years ago by another lawyer who did not help me get Domestic Relations Order. He took the time to review all the details of my case in a brief time and took on my DRO. The office staff was also a pleasure. Always there with pleasant greetings and smiles.
I would highly recommend Jeffrey Goldblatt.

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Helen Krawczyk Wexler


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Jeff took the time to explain things to me, give advice, and answered all my questions. Mr. Goldblatt is an excellent Attorney and very easy to work with. His staff was courteous and helpful. He was always accessible to talk with me. He is a skilled litigator and has had much experience in the courtroom. I would highly recommend him. He was attentive to every detail and always answered all of my questions promptly and intelligently.

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Restraining Order Basics

A restraining order is a legal order that compels an individual to do, or not do, certain things in the interest of protecting a victim. They are most often instituted in battered spouse or domestic violence situations. 

In New Jersey, a temporary restraining order remains in effect until a follow-up court date, where the judge has the power to lift the restraining order or to make it permanent by converting it into a final restraining order.

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How Attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Fights for You

Mr. Goldblatt's background in criminal defense and prosecution allows him to persuasively represent both plaintiffs and defendants in restraining order cases. Depending on your needs, here is what he can do for you:
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If you have been abused, you should contact the police immediately. They can submit your case to a judge for a restraining order. Mr. Goldblatt can also help you acquire a restraining order for your protection. Once the case has been filed, a judge will review it and can issue a temporary restraining order. 

A hearing in front of a family court judge will be set within 10 days. Mr. Goldblatt can represent you at the hearing to present evidence and fight to protect you from future harm. We will seek to have the judge enter a permanent restraining order and secure the protection you need.

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If you have received notice that a restraining order has been filed against you, it is important that you retain help as soon as possible. Even a temporary restraining order can keep you from returning home. A restraining order hearing will be held within 10 days of your receipt of notice. At the hearing, a judge can institute a variety of severe penalties. 

As your attorney, Mr. Goldblatt will zealously represent you at this hearing. He will fight against a permanent restraining order and try to get the case dismissed. If that is not possible, he will negotiate for reduced penalties. 

Restraining Orders Can Protect Many Victims

Although restraining orders are most commonly used to protect victims of domestic violence, a restraining order can be used to protect victims of other types of criminal behavior, including:

  • Assault
  • Harassment
  • Stalking
  • Elder Abuse
  • Terroristic threats
  • Criminal mischief

Allow Mr. Goldblatt to Help You East Brunswick and New Jersey Knows He Can

Mr. Goldblatt is a passionate and caring attorney who has been serving clients for over 30 years. He has an extensive and successful track record in family law, prosecution, criminal defense, domestic violence, and restraining order cases. He is the only lawyer at his firm, meaning you will receive his personal attention and advocacy throughout your case. 

To schedule your free initial consultation at our East Brunswick, Freehold, or Wall, NJ, offices, call or contact us now. 

(732) 238-8700

Jeffrey Goldblatt

East Brunswick, NJ, Believes in Mr. Goldblatt




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I felt very welcomed in the office by the staff Rachel,who is so down to earth and Mr. Glodblatt. I just want to say that you are the best lawyer i have ever hired. I thank you for your help,determination, courage, analytical skills and hard work. I would recommend your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer.

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Maria Garr


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Very professional, attentive and very well understands the process. Mr. Goldblatt is a terrific advocate and will give you an honest assessment of your particular situation. His assistant, Rachel was terrific in ensuring that all documentation was handled promptly and accordingly. Highly recommend Mr. Goldblatt!

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Why Clients Choose Attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt

It's not difficult to find a family law attorney in New Jersey. However, when people in need find Jeffrey Goldblatt, they often retain his services because it is not easy to find a lawyer who has:

A Multifaceted Firm

As an attorney who practices family law and criminal law, Mr. Goldblatt has dealt with virtually all scenarios in which a restraining order has been issued. If you are facing criminal charges, are going through a divorce, or have another legal issue, Mr. Goldblatt can use his diverse skills to give you the strong legal representation you need.

Decades of Practice

Mr. Goldblatt has worked in the legal field for more than 30 years. He passed the bar admissions in New Jersey, Florida, California, and the U.S. District Court District of New Jersey.

A Personalized Approach

Our law firm knows that situations involving restraining orders can be stressful. We give each of our clients personalized attention and maintain regular communication in order to give you the best possible peace of mind under these difficult circumstances.

Restraining Order Violations


Restraining order violations carry stiff consequences. If you are accused of violating a restraining order, Mr. Goldblatt will fight to protect your rights and keep you out of jail. On the other hand, Mr. Goldblatt can help a plaintiff he represents demonstrate to the court that the individual who has victimized them has violated the restraining order. Our attorney's ability to see from and advocate for both sides allows him to create optimal strategies for his New Jersey clients. 


Violating a restraining order is considered being in contempt of court. In New Jersey, this is punishable by up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine. If a defendant is accused of violating the restraining order by committing a domestic violence offense they can be charged with a fourth-degree felony, punishable by 18 months in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Additionally, violations of a restraining order, even one that has been wrongfully served, will harm your prospects in any type of family law or domestic violence court case. 

Defending the Accused's Reputation

When a restraining order is wrongfully served against you it can harm your reputation, well-being, and day-to-day life. Our East Brunswick, NJ, attorney can defend you against unwarranted charges. 

In some cases, a romantic relationship deteriorates severely. Chaotic divorces can escalate and lead to threatened or actual restraining orders as a way to gain leverage in negotiations. Additionally, false accusations of domestic violence and abuse are sometimes made in family law cases for similar reasons. 

False allegations of domestic violence and abusive misconduct can cause severe harm to your career, reputation, and future. Mr. Goldblatt knows how to fight false accusations, how to anticipate the impact they may have on you, and how to overcome slanderous allegations.

Young person false accused

How Mr. Goldblatt Defends the Accused

Highlighting Your Character

The opposing lawyer or prosecutor can present you as violent, overbearing, or otherwise toxic. Lawyer Jefferey Goldblatt gets to know his clients when he takes their cases. Having represented numerous clients accused of criminal acts, our lawyer has influenced jury decisions by presenting his clients as complex individuals rather than a one-dimensional personality.

Scrutinizing All Evidence

Do all of the eyewitness accounts follow the same story? Did the police violate the rights of the accused during their arrest? If proper police protocol wasn't followed or there are inconsistencies in any documentation of the incident, Mr. Goldblatt can argue that the restraining order was unnecessary and unjust.

Reviewing the Histories of All Parties Involved

If you have no history of violence or breaking laws, it may call into question whether the restraining order was necessary to issue. Likewise, if the accuser had a romantic relationship with you and there was a tumultuous breakup, there may be ulterior motives for pursuing a restraining order against you. If the restraining order was pursued as an act of coercion or abuse, Mr. Goldblatt can present evidence to make this clear to a judge and jury. 
If you have been issued a restraining order, it can certainly color a jury's perception of you, resulting in unfavorable outcomes in cases of custody and other family law matters. Don't leave your future, your reputation, and your family's well-being to chance. Reach out to a lawyer who is prepared to make your side of the story heard.

More Great Reviews for Mr. Golblatt An Attorney East Brunswick, NJ, Trusts


Sean Wohltman


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Mr. Goldblatt was referred to me and I'm very fortunate that he was. He did a wonderful job reviewing my case and explaining the various options and likely outcomes. On my court date he successfully negotiated what I truly believe was the best possible outcome.

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Chris Porto


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Mr. Goldblatt is an excellent Attorney and very easy to work with. His knowledge of family law and his dedication to me as a client resulted in a much better than expected outcome. I highly recommend Mr. Goldblatt for any matters you might need legal assistance with.

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