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Are you being denied access to your children? Are you wondering what to do? A skilled and knowledgeable East Brunswick visitation lawyer can help you defend your rights as a parent.

The first thing we tell parents at the Law Offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt Esq. is not to give up. If you are being kept from your child, you need to fight to be together. Otherwise, your child may never forgive you and you could ruin your relationship. We can help you in your struggle for parental rights and secure the visitation time you and your child need.

Defending Your Right to Be With Your Child

The custodial parent may have his or her own personal reasons for trying to keep you from your child. However, you and your child have a right to see each other.

If the custodial parent is not allowing you to visit with your child in violation of your court-ordered visitation plan, we can assist you in enforcing your rights. Attorney Goldblatt will negotiate and, if necessary, take the custodial parent to court to enforce your visitation rights.

If the parent still refuses to abide by the court order, we can seek sanctions against him or her, including psychiatric evaluations or changing the custody order. Regardless of whether your parting plan was the result of a divorce or a separate action, we will work to keep you in your child’s life, through any means necessary.

We also help parents and grandparents who are having difficulty visiting because they have out-of-state visitation. When there is out-of-state custody, we can help you set up a visitation plan that works for you so you can spend time with your child.

Modifying Visitation Agreements

If you feel you need more time with your child than your existing parenting plan allows, we will work to increase your visitation time. Attorney Goldblatt will negotiate with the custodial parent’s attorney to reach common ground. If that is not possible, we will petition the court to have your parenting plan modified.

East Brunswick Child Support Lawyer

If you have inconsistent visitation or long distance visitation, we can help you. Contact a New Brunswick long distance visitation attorney at our family law firm to help you resolve your visitation issues.

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