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Juvenile Defense Attorney

Your child may face challenges in adulthood if they have a juvenile record of shoplifting, underage drinking, drug offenses, or vandalism.

An attorney can help fight charges whether it's a first offense or another adjudication of delinquency on your child's juvenile record.

With offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt stands with families in their time of need.

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How Juvenile Charges Can Affect Your Child's Life

In New Jersey, juvenile delinquency applies to anyone under 18 who commits a crime. Making these kinds of mistakes can have short-term and long-term impacts on your child as they grow up.

Immediate Consequences

Penalties for juvenile offenses include juvenile probation, detention or house arrest, community service, and placement in a group or foster home. As a parent, you may also be financially liable for property damage and injuries related to your child's charges.

Issues in Adulthood

A juvenile criminal record could impact your child's education and career. Being adjudicated a delinquent can affect college admissions, employment, housing, and driving privileges. These setbacks can make it more difficult for your child to become a financially independent adult.

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If your child has been taken into custody for petty theft or a violent crime, it's important that you hire a lawyer you can trust. An attorney since 1975, Jeffrey W. Goldblatt knows the nuances of the New Jersey family court and municipal court systems.

Whether a lawyer needs to be present for the resolution of the juvenile case, Mr. Goldblatt will help your family understand the process. Just knowing what to expect ahead of time and preparing accordingly can help achieve more favorable outcomes. Mr. Goldblatt is here whether it's your child's first offense or a repeat offense.

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Attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ. He can help with your juvenile criminal defense case.

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Will My Child Be
Charged as an Adult?


In the state of New Jersey, minors age 15 and older can be charged as an adult. This will only be considered if your child committed a serious felony such as homicide, sexual assault, or drug trafficking.

Resolving Juvenile Cases

The state of New Jersey has a few options when resolving criminal actions by a juvenile. When you contact our law offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, or Wall, NJ, we will help guide you through the juvenile legal process, including the ability to call witnesses on your child's behalf.

Juvenile Conference Committee (JCC)

A juvenile conference committee (JCC) is composed of a court-appointed panel of volunteers. The committee facilitates an informal discussion with you, your child, and the person who filed the criminal complaint. During a JCC, all parties may agree to have the case dismissed if a child follows certain conditions that aid in rehabilitation. This may include adhering to a curfew, paying for damaged property, and community service.

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Intake Services Conference (ISC)

Similar to a JCC, an intake services conference (ISC) is a type of informal discussion aimed at juvenile rehabilitation. An ISC is run by an intake officer who is a judiciary staff person. Again, adhering to certain agreed-upon stipulations for rehabilitation will be grounds for the dismissal of the criminal case.

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Juvenile Referees

Juvenile referees are appointed by the Family Court Judge to conduct an informal juvenile hearing. Unlike the JCC and ISC intake officer, a juvenile referee will make a determination of your child's delinquency based on the facts in the criminal complaint. The juvenile referee's recommendations are then sent to a judge. If you want to dispute the findings, you must formally note your disagreement at the end of the hearing before the recommendations are sent to the judge.

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Hearing Before a Judge

An informal hearing with a judge does not require a lawyer; a formal hearing will require an attorney to be present. A judge will make a determination of delinquency and can set conditions to aid in your child's rehabilitation. This may include probation, deferred disposition, or confinement to a juvenile facility.

Want to appeal your child's case?

You have 45 days from the date of the court order.

Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can help, bringing decades of criminal defense knowledge to bear.
Being adjudicated a delinquent can affect college admissions, employment, housing, and driving privileges.

Expungement of Juvenile Records

How Expungement Works

Expungement is the process in which an adult conviction or juvenile offense is removed from a person's record. This is not a pardon, but a way for people in the state of New Jersey to seal a conviction or adjudication of delinquency from the public record.

Once juvenile charges have been expunged, they will not show up on background checks when applying for a job, housing, or college and advanced degrees.

Expungement will not seal records when applying for a federal job.

Eligibility for Expungement

For those adjudicated a delinquent, five years must have passed since final discharge (i.e., release from custody or payment of fines) with no subsequent juvenile or adult charges in that five-year period.

Those who were taken into custody as a juvenile but were not adjudicated a delinquent may file for expungement at any time.

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