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Divorce Mediation

Going through a divorce can be challenging. It is important to consult with an attorney who can explain all practical options.

Divorce mediation with Jeffrey W. Goldblatt, Esq., can save you time, money, and stress compared to traditional litigation.

If you are interested in mediation, contact our offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, or Wall, NJ, to request a free initial consultation...

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Mediation Offers an Alternative to Divorce Litigation


Divorce mediation in New Jersey is typically more cost-effective than traditional litigation. There is no need to pay retainer fees to two attorneys. There are no charges for court appearances and courthouse waiting time. One fee is paid to the mediator for the time they spent on the case. Mr. Goldblatt has a long history in East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, as a family law attorney. He can save you significant costs by acting as a mediator for your divorce.

Amicable Resolution

Agreeing to mediate means both parties are willing to work through the details of the resolution without going to court. This can improve communication between spouses during divorce and can help prevent future conflict


It is important to remember that it is difficult for children to cope with a disruption of the family. Choosing to mediate can reduce the impact of a divorce on your children, especially when compared to a lengthy child custody battle. A hostile or bitter litigation procedure that drags on can have a psychological toll on the emotional well-being of children. Having a skilled divorce mediator to help you through the process can ease tensions.

A Mediator with Understanding

For over 45 years, Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has assisted residents of East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall, NJ, reach divorce settlements through mediation. As a New Jersey R:1-40 qualified mediator, Mr. Goldblatt can guide you through the mediation process and provide insight into any proposed resolution.

His approach facilitates dialogue between parties. Mr. Goldblatt promotes a hospitable atmosphere so that divorcing couples can openly discuss differences. In this way, couples can reach a resolution that is beneficial for each person, as well as any children they may have.

Jeffrey W. Goldblatt

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Maria Garr


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Very professional, attentive and very well understands the process. Mr. Goldblatt is a terrific advocate and will give you an honest assessment of your particular situation. His assistant, Rachel was terrific in ensuring that all documentation was handled promptly and accordingly. Highly recommend Mr. Goldblatt!

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Daniel Fitzgerald


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Jeff was the best attorney I could have asked for. The night I was served I was calling around to attorneys he called me back that night. He helped me get through my divorce with ease. Highly recommend to anyone.

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Effective New Jersey Divorce Mediation

Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has represented family law clients in New Jersey for over 45 years. If you and your spouse agree to divorce mediation, Mr. Goldblatt will work hard to minimize the stress and anxiety that accompanies decisions involving sensitive subjects like alimony, child support, and child custody.

To learn more about mediation with attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt, contact one of our offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, or Wall, NJ. Call us at (732) 238-8700 or send an electronic message:

A Better Way to Divorce

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Most couples can benefit greatly by choosing divorce mediation.
"My ex-wife and I used Mr. Goldblatt to mediate our divorce. I found him to be knowledgeable, flexible in scheduling, and reasonably priced. As difficult as a divorce can be on many levels, Mr. Goldblatt made it easy for us to navigate through our issues, and prepared everything we needed for the filings. I would highly recommend his services." Michael Weiss, 5-Star Review

Additional Benefits of Mediation

Controlled Outcome

Mediation offers you the chance to control the final outcome of your divorce. In a traditional divorce, you present your case in front of a judge, who then makes the decision for you. This decision, made by a disinterested party, can have lasting effects on your family for years to come - regardless of whether you agree with the judge's final call. In contrast, mediation allows you and your former spouse to actively decide the outcome of the issues together

No Deadlines

Because mediation is a collaborative process, there are no pressing time restrictions. If you and your spouse can quickly agree upon the terms of divorce, mediation can be completed in a timely manner.

A mediation agreement is not binding until both parties sign a property settlement agreement. The number of sessions needed to reach a resolution of all pending issues depends on the motivation of the parties and the complexity of the issues. Sessions are therefore scheduled at the convenience of the parties and completed as soon as a settlement is agreed upon.


What happens during sessions with your spouse and mediator is confidential. There is no public record, unlike in the court documents that accompany a traditional divorce. If you specify that all discussions should be kept confidential, your mediator will not disclose any part of the meetings in future court proceedings.

Free Consultations

Are you interested in having Jeffrey W. Goldblatt mediate your divorce? The first step is to schedule an initial consultation at one of our offices in East Brunswick, Freehold, or Wall, NJ. There is no charge for the initial consultation. Call us at (732) 238-8700 or contact us online today to set up a time to meet. 

What Is Discussed During Mediation?

During a mediation session, divorcing couples can discuss anything and everything related to their separation. Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can help you and your spouse come to agreements on:


Alimony, also known as spousal support, is meant to help lower-earning spouses adjust to their new lifestyle and financial situation. Of course, alimony can be a sensitive topic of conversation and can lead to dramatic courtroom conflicts during traditional divorce litigation. However, if both spouses are intent on staying on good terms, they can discuss spousal support in a conversation mediated by Jeffrey W. Goldblatt.

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Child Custody

When parents go through a divorce, they are usually most concerned about parenting time. If you have Jeffrey W. Goldblatt as your mediator, you and your soon-to-be ex can have a reasonable, respectful conversation about what is best for you and your children. Best of all, when you and your spouse come to an agreement in mediation, you won't have to stress about that parenting plan earning a judge's approval.

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Child Support

Depending on your employment situation, determining child support payments can be simple or complicated in New Jersey. When you choose divorce mediation, you and your spouse can work together to calculate a fair child support arrangement. Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has been practicing family law in New Jersey for decades, so when he serves as your mediator, he can make sure that your support agreement is fair and legal.

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Property Division

Questions related to "who gets what?" are often at the center of divorce proceedings. No matter the value of your assets, you can conduct these negotiations through mediation, saving you time, money, and stress. Of course, for the mediation process to be fair, both you and your spouse will have to have complete knowledge of your shared assets and their value.

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"Nothing But Praise"


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I have nothing but praise for the way Mr. Goldblatt handled my divorce case.  He fought hard for me.  I was able to achieve a more than favorable outcome.  His knowledge of the law and his years of experience were evident.  I would highly recommend him.  His staff was courteous and helpful.

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Chris Porto


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Mr. Goldblatt is an excellent Attorney and very easy to work with.  His knowledge of family law and his dedication to me as a client resulted in a much better than expected outcome.  I highly recommend Mr. Goldblatt for any matters you might need legal assistance with.

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Other Divorce Alternatives

While Jeffrey W. Goldblatt recommends all divorcing couples consider mediation, it is not right for everyone. However, there are still other alternatives to stressful and costly litigation. As your family law attorney, Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can also assist you with:
Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

In rare circumstances, divorcing couples are in complete agreement over every aspect of their separation. If you think your divorce is going to be uncontested, schedule a consultation with our attorney. Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can go over the details of your divorce with you to make sure that the agreements you've reached with your spouse are actually in your best interests. If he confirms that an uncontested divorce is a good idea for you, he can help you file all the necessary paperwork.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is similar to divorce mediation, with one important difference. While mediation involves two spouses meeting alone with a third-party mediator, collaborative divorce involves each spouse hiring his or her own attorney. Then, the spouses and their legal teams meet to negotiate the terms of the divorce. Each party must take a pledge to avoid trial, so many of the benefits of divorce mediation still apply. You can settle your separation out of court, saving time, money, and stress.

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