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Domestic Violence

With a family law and criminal defense background, attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt understands domestic violence, and the sensitive issues surrounding this crime. Our office can help you take immediate action with regard to restraining orders and help you and your family find long term solutions. We defend domestic violence allegations as well as prosecute complaints.

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Restraining Orders and Violations

A restraining order placed against you can significantly impact your life, even keeping you out of your own home. Attorney Goldblatt offers aggressive defense for clients who may be subject to a temporary or permanent restraining order, or those who are accused of violating an order. He also represents victims who seek protection from domestic violence or other dangerous criminal behavior.

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Traffic Violations

Our law firm is often successful in having traffic charges amended to less serious violations or getting tickets dismissed entirely. Whether you have been issued a traffic citation for speeding or leaving the scene of the accident, we strive to help you avoid the potential consequences of the ticket, such as having points assessed on your driving record. An accumulation of points can result in driver’s license suspension or revocation. We handle traffic violations that include speeding, reckless driving, driving without a license or insurance and other traffic violations.

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Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Our Freehold and East Brunswick DWI lawyer defends first-time offenders and multiple offenders. We can protect your rights and help you avoid the consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Penalties can include jail time, heavy fines and loss of driving privileges. We have extensive experience in challenging Breathalyzer test results and in cases involving breath test refusal.

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Drug Offenses

If you have been charged with or arrested for drug possession, drug possession with intent to distribute, drug distribution, possession of drug paraphernalia or any other drug-related offense, our law firm can build a strong defense on your behalf.

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Theft and Property Crimes

We handle the defense of theft and property crimes that include burglary, robbery and business fraud.

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We provide defense services to employees and customers of retail establishments and other businesses. If you have been accused of shoplifting, we can protect your rights and seek the most favorable result on your behalf.

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College Student Offenses

When a college student is charged with a crime — from underage drinking to simple drug possession — our goal is to prevent a lapse in judgment from affecting a young person for the rest of his or her life.

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Our law firm protects the rights of people who have been charged with and arrested for assault crimes that include assault and battery, domestic violence and harassment. We also handle matters involving restraining orders.

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Sexual Assault

If you have been charged with sexual assault, you could face potential mandatory registration as a sex offender. We provide dedicated defense services to people who have been accused of sexual assault, Internet sex crimes, molestation and other serious offenses.

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Juvenile Crimes

The juvenile justice system favors rehabilitation over punishment for juveniles facing charges involving marijuana possession, underage consumption, shoplifting, vandalism or other juvenile offenses. If your son or daughter is under the age of 18 and has been charged with a crime, our law firm can protect his or her rights and ensure he or she is given a second chance.

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If you have a past arrest that is having a negative effect on your life today, attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt can help you determine your eligibility to have the record expunged and seek an expungement of the arrest and conviction.

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