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As a parent or guardian, you know the importance of looking out for your child's best interests after a divorce or separation.

However, it can prove difficult if you don't have the financial resources you need. Finding the right law office is crucial for your family.

Child support lawyer Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has the family law knowledge to help parents secure or modify child support payments. We have convenient locations in Freehold, Wall, and East Brunswick, NJ.

The Goal of Child Support


Child support payments are structured to ensure that children can expect the same standard of living in both households. A child support order will calculate this amount when comparing the gross incomes and other financial factors of both parties. An attorney can explain the process and potential disputes.

Factors Considered in a Child Support Order

  • Gross income in both households
  • Tax obligations
  • Imputed income or work benefits
  • Cash

When Can I File for Child Support?

In the state of New Jersey, you can file for child support at any time, starting when your baby is born. Child support payments last until age 19 (the age of emancipation in New Jersey), though an extension may be filed until the age of 23 if the child is still in high school, is attending full-time postsecondary education, or is disabled.

If you have not received your allocated child support or if your child's parent has neglected to pay child support over the years, your attorney can also pursue back payments.

Though the idea of fighting for child support may sound daunting, the right lawyer may be able to win this battle out of court.

Negotiate the Child Support Your Family Needs Contact a Family Law Attorney Today

If you're a parent or guardian, you already have many important responsibilities. Navigating the legal system during a child support dispute can dissuade you from pursuing the compensation you and your child need.

With a knowledgeable child support lawyer like Jeffrey W. Goldblatt, however, you can pursue the payments you need with peace of mind. From evening and weekend appointments to putting all fees into writing, he aims to make your life easier.

In legal practice since 1975, Mr. Goldblatt has fought for New Jersey families both in and out of court. Whether you opt for negotiations or need to pursue legal action in court, his law firm can help. Reach out to our East Brunswick, NJ, office or call:

(732) 238-8700

Attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt
Mr. Goldblatt offers a personal approach to all clients. If you need a child support lawyer who advocates for your family law needs, visit one of his three law office locations in East Brunswick, Wall, or Freehold, NJ.

Jeffrey Goldblatt Helps Clients Through Life Changes East Brunswick Clients Trust His Family Law Expertise

"Divorce can be a very difficult time and finding the right attorney is crucial and not always easy. After calling Jeff Goldblatt‘s office and speaking to his office manager Rachel I Immediately felt welcomed and after leaving only one message, I received a response immediately from Mr. Goldblatt. I knew I was in good hands after our first discussion... I had a lot of questions and he always responded to my calls and questions no matter how trivial. He’ll always advise you, he’ll always be honest with you." Leslye Fagin

Affordable Flat Fees and Free Initial Consultations: Securing the Support Your Family Deserves

Raising a child is costly, especially if one parent neglects to pay child support. No child should have to go without the essentials.

To ease some of this burden, Mr. Goldblatt offers flat fees based on case type. Our lawyer also provides free initial consultations. This prevents additional financial challenges as you seek legal counsel from our child support attorney in East Brunswick.

Post-Judgment Child Support Modification Reviewing and Changing Child Support Payments

Has there been a serious change in your financial situation or your former spouse's financial situation? This could affect your child support obligations.

Just because a child support plan was fair at the time of the judgment does not mean it will always be the fairest and most accurate plan. Similarly, it is all too common after divorces are completed for one party to not live up to the terms of the divorce. Such matters require the filing of a post-judgment enforcement application.

Your child support case may merit revisiting. Our New Jersey law firm can help you file for the appropriate post-judgment modification after a resolved child support case. We can increase or decrease child support amounts based on current financial realities and the best interests of your child.

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Fighting for Back Payments After an Established Child Custody and Support Agreement

A divorce can cause a stressful environment that compounds the realities of raising a child. Late, lapsed, or absent child support payments can add even more pressure to the situation. A lack of child support could deprive your child of important essentials, like new clothes and regular meals. In especially egregious cases, late child support payments could lead to eviction, as a parent may not have enough money to pay for rent or the mortgage.

However, there is hope. If your former spouse has not followed their child support obligations, you can seek back payments. Our law firm can guide you in this process.

If you have not received your allocated child support, attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt can pursue back payments. Contact one of our three New Jersey law offices for a free initial consultation.

(732) 238-8700

An Attorney Who Puts You First Grateful Words From a New Jersey Family Law Client

"Mr. Goldblatt represented my in my divorce. He and his staff were consummate professionals. Always responsive to my phone calls and emails; always on top of my file; and always advocating on my behalf. I felt cared for and felt in good hands. I am completely satisfied with the results of my case and thank Mr. Goldblatt and his staff for their work on my behalf. I strongly recommend this office." Adam Lefkowitz

Helping New Jersey Families With Child Custody, Child Support, and More

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We have three New Jersey law offices for your convenience. They are located in East Brunswick, Wall, and Freehold, NJ. Attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt offers free initial consultations.
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Understanding Alimony

Child support and alimony are two separate issues you may face in the aftermath of a divorce. Our attorney can help you with both.

  • Child support is designed to fulfill an equitable share of the costs of raising a child or children
  • Alimony (also known as spousal support) is allocated toward a former spouse after a divorce

If a parent spends time away from the workforce, they may have less money coming out of a marriage or have trouble finding a job due to résumé gaps. Alimony can compensate for that problem, representing the wages lost or career opportunities not pursued during marriage.

You can request both alimony and child support to ensure a good quality of life for you and your child.

Guiding East Brunswick Clients Through Divorce

Our law firm can guide you through an uncontested divorce or contested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both parties agree on the issues requiring resolution and can determine an amicable outcome. For example, both parties agree on property division, custody, and child support. In a contested divorce, the parties cannot agree on certain matters and have to present evidence to support their position.

Divorces often become contested when children or assets are involved. Our attorney can represent your best interests and guide you through this legal process.

Mr. Goldblatt strongly believes in the benefit of divorce mediation and is qualified as a collaborative divorce attorney, meaning he can help you and your ex negotiate the terms of your separation. He can help you and your ex get as close to the ideal outcome as possible while avoiding trial.

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Child Custody Arrangements

After a divorce, our attorney can uphold your child's best interests by developing a child custody arrangement that is best for them. Courts in the state of New Jersey often favor joint legal and joint physical custody arrangements that allow the child to maintain a healthy relationship with both of their parents. If your situation calls for another arrangement, like sole legal custody, our attorney can help you prove to the courts why the other parent is unfit for joint custody.

Whether you want to establish initial custody or make a change in your current child custody arrangement, our East Brunswick law firm can help you put your child first and secure the best outcome for them.

Helping Clients Achieve Positive Outcomes Throughout East Brunswick, Freehold, and Wall

"Best experience I could hope for in a divorce situation. Highly recommend Jeffrey! Rachael was so sweet and helpful. My call was actually answered every time by her and the process was swift and easy!" Rose Strittmatter
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