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Divorce Mediation

Jeffrey W. Goldblatt has been qualified by the Supreme State of the Court of New Jersey to act as a mediator.  Having fulfilled all necessary requirements, Mr. Goldblatt has successfully mediated cases involving simple or complicated issues related to divorce, custody, support, post judgment issues and other aspects of family law. 

Mediation is an alternative to typical divorce litigation.  Instead of each party retaining an attorney and battling in court against each other in a confrontational setting, the parties agree to pursue a resolution of their issues by selecting an individual to act as a neutral third party in order to provide guidance to them in reaching a settlement of all contested issues.

Private, confidential sessions between the parties and the mediator explore all disputed issues such as custody of children, parenting time, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of assets and liabilities.  The mediator facilitates the negotiations between the parties.  The mediator does not act in the capacity of representation of either party. 

The mediator does not act like a Judge and cannot make binding decisions.  However, based upon Mr. Goldblatt’s vast experience in representing divorcing spouses, he is able to guide the parties through the process and provide information as to the reasonableness of a proposed resolution and the manner in which a Judge could look upon an issue if the matter were to be tried in open court.

Mr. Goldblatt facilitates a dialogue between the parties and promotes a congenial atmosphere whereby the divorcing couple is able to discuss differences and reach a resolution that is beneficial for both parties as well as their children. 

Mediation Agreement

A mediation agreement is not binding between the parties until such time as it is reduced to writing and the parties sign a Property Settlement Agreement.  The amount of sessions in order to reach a resolution of all issues depends upon the motivation of the parties as well as the complexity of the issues.  Sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the parties. 

No retainer fee is paid to Mr. Goldblatt.  Rather the parties pay on an hourly basis at the conclusion of each individual mediation session.

Benefits of Mediation

1.  The mediation process is typically more cost effective than traditional litigation.  The parties do not pay separate retainer fees to two attorneys.  The parties are not charged by their attorney for court appearances and waiting time in the courthouse.  One fee is paid to the mediator for time spent on the case. 

2.  The parties are motivated to amicably resolve their differences and reduce confrontation and hostility allowing them to move forward with their divorce in a more productive manner for their own benefit as well as that of their children.

3.  The children are not negatively affected by hostile or bitter protracted litigation which could take a psychological toll upon their emotional wellbeing.

4.  The parties set themselves up to better co-parent and avoid post-judgment litigation since neither party is unhappy with a court ordered directive.

 5.  The parties are able to control the outcome of their case.  A judge, who is a disinterested third party, is not called upon to make decisions that could affect the parties and their family for years to come.  The parties themselves are more familiar with their situation and are better suited to decide the outcome of the issues facing them. 

 6.  The mediation process allows the parties to proceed at their own pace.  There are no court imposed deadlines to be met.  Mediated cases are usually completed in a more expedited fashion than litigated cases and in a much more cost effective manner.

Let attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt speak with you about pursuing your divorce case in a mediation setting.  Mediation is not for everyone.  However, if you are deemed to be a candidate for mediation, this process may be a better alternative than a litigated case.  

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