The Top Three Reasons That Couples Divorce By JWGLAWYER on June 08, 2015

DivorceMost couples marry expecting to spend their entire lives together. Unfortunately, many people will find themselves heading for divorce court. While there are many reasons that couples split up, there are several factors that emerge time and again as relationship killers.


Arguments over money frequently lead couples into divorce court. There are several theories about why this is the case, but experts believe that fights over money mask deeper value issues. Determining your philosophy on money---whether to spend, save or invest--before you get married will help to prevent the common disagreements that couples face.


Differences in philosophies on how to raise children can lead to heated arguments, and eventually divorce. Raising children is a challenge, and couples may not always see eye to eye on how discipline, money and education should be handled. This is especially problematic in blended families where there may be step-parenting and co-parenting issues. Undergoing counseling before marriage will help to flesh out these issues and find the right solutions.

Conflict Resolution Issues

Conflicts will inevitably arise in any relationship. The key is knowing how to resolve these conflicts while preserving your marriage. Couples that resort to name calling, manipulation and physical force to resolve arguments often end up divorcing. The key to avoiding divorce is to find
out how your partner resolves conflict before you marry. Couples counseling can also help you to create constructive ways to resolve conflict.

There are many reasons that couples divorce, from arguments over money to disagreements on how to raise children and how to resolve conflict. The key to avoiding the split is to work these issues out in advance or undergo counseling as soon as they surface.

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