Aggressive Defense for Traffic Violations Can Save Money and Protect Your Right to Drive

Traffic violation convictions can have dire consequences including large fines or a suspended driver’s license. Mr. Goldblatt has over 30 years of experience defending those accused of traffic violations. If you have received a traffic ticket in Freehold, NJ, for a violation such as speedingdriving under the influence, driving without insurance, driving with a suspended license, or leaving the scene of an accident we can help protect your driving record and minimize the financial impact of the ticket.

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A traffic violation can be reported to your insurance company, causing a spike in premiums.

What Is a Traffic Violation?

A traffic violation occurs when a driver breaks the driving laws. This can include speeding, running a red light or stop sign, failing to keep a safe lookout, and reckless or careless driving. The price of a ticket can be high, taking a toll on the driver's budget and adding damaging points to the driving record.

Each case is different, and we work with you to develop a strategy that fits the facts of your case.

A traffic violation can be reported to your insurance company, causing a sharp spike in auto insurance premiums. Many drivers who receive what seems to be a minor ticket, such as a small speeding ticket, choose to pay the ticket without any consideration. Doing so, however, can have serious consequences and may put your license at risk.

Types of Traffic Violations

The approach you take when given a ticket depends on the type of ticket received. Some common types of traffic violations include:

  • Speeding: Fighting a speeding ticket can be dictated by a number of factors, such as how much over the limit a driver was clocked at and whether the ticket is the first ticket or if prior tickets are on record.
  • Running a traffic signal: Traffic signals are meant to ensure the safe flow of traffic. Disregarding a light or stop sign can cause an accident and the driver who ran the light may be found financially liable for damages and injuries caused. Fighting a traffic signal violation can help minimize potential culpability.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI): This is a serious traffic violation, and a conviction can result in loss of your license and possibly jail time. Those charged with DUI must take a strong position and aggressively defend the case in order to stay out of jail and maintain driving privileges.
  • Lack of insurance: Drivers are required to keep current automobile insurance and proof of that insurance when driving. If an officer pulls you over and you fail to present satisfactory proof of insurance, you can receive a ticket for lack of insurance in addition to a ticket for the initial traffic offense.

These offenses can result in a large fine, potential incarceration, loss of license, and higher insurance rates. When you successfully defend a traffic citation, you eliminate some of these consequences, which can keep your insurance rates low and allow you to continue driving legally. Each case is different, and we work with you to develop a strategy that fits the facts of your case, and that will put you in the best position over the long term with your insurance company.

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