Reduce Traffic Violations with a Speeding Ticket Lawyer By JWGLAWYER on September 27, 2020

A police car in the reflection of a side view mirrorSpeeding tickets can be a minor inconvenience or have far reaching consequences, which can include increased insurance rates, driver's license suspension, or even job loss. 

When faced with a speeding ticket, it's important to have an attorney on your side to mitigate or eliminate the penalties you're facing. Traffic violation attorney Jeffrey W. Goldblatt can help whether this is your first speeding ticket or one of many. If you need a speeding ticket lawyer in East Brunswick, NJ, Freehold, NJ or neighboring area, we invite you to contact the law offices of Jeffrey W. Goldblatt. 

Speeding Tickets Add Points to Your Driving Record

In New Jersey, receiving a ticket for speeding or other traffic violation can add points to your driving record. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission lists the points schedule as follows: 

  • 2 points for exceeding the maximum roadway speed by 1-14 miles per hour
  • 4 points for exceeding the maximum roadway speed by 15-29 miles per hour
  • 5 points for exceeding the maximum roadway speed by 30 miles per hour or more

Based on New Jersey's points schedule, points can add up quickly. Getting ticketed twice for driving over the speed limit would add 4 points at a minimum to your driving record. 

The Consequences of Speeding Tickets

While some may think speeding tickets aren't a big deal, they come with fines and penalties that can have a widespread impact.   

  • Fines: Speeding ticket fines range in price based on the driver’s speed and location of speeding. Certain areas, such as construction zones, carry larger fines.
  • Additional fines and loss of driver's license: Drivers who receive more than six points within three years may face additional fines, which are charged every year until points fall below six points. Failure to pay can lead to losing your driver's license. 
  • Higher insurance rates: In addition to fines, speeding tickets increase the number of points on a driving record, which in turn can lead to higher car insurance rates. 
  • Job loss: Those who have a commercial license or must drive as part of their job may lose their employment if they have too many points on their driving record or if their driver's license is revoked. 

How Can a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help?

It can be difficult for people fighting a speeding ticket in traffic court on their own to get their fines reduced or their ticket dismissed. Having a speeding ticket lawyer can make all the difference. 

Speeding ticket lawyers have an understanding of traffic laws and the court system so that they are better able to negotiate lower fines, reduced points, or even the complete removal of a speeding ticket. 

An attorney can also gather and present evidence in court to contest the ticket or actions of law enforcement against you, further helping to improve your outcome.  

Schedule a Consultation 

If you need help fighting a speeding ticket, attorney Jeffrey Goldblatt can help. Mr. Goldblatt has helped clients get their tickets reduced to less serious violations. To schedule a consultation, call our East Brunswick law office at (732) 238-8700. 

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