How to Mentally Unwind and Relax During a Divorce By JWGLAWYER on May 17, 2015

It seems like your mind is forever running and whatever you do, you just cant calm the nerves long enough to relax. Divorce can play a major function in mental and emotional chaos in your life, but its important to stay on top of your well-being too. Not only do your children deserve calm, nurturing environment; staying at a heightened level of stress can be bad for your overall health too. Here are 6 techniques to relax and unwind even in the middle of a divorce.

Get enough rest

It feels like your mind is spinning; youre hurt and youre angry. Thats okay, provided youre still taking the time to rest and focus on other areas in your life. Take at least six to eight hours of time a night to rest (even if you cant sleep) so youll feel more mentally alert the next day.

Eat properly, even if you dont feel like it

When youre busy filing, preparing and trying to get things done during a divorce, nutrition is generally the last thing on our mind. Maintaining a proper diet can make a big change in both our physical stamina and our emotional feelings too. When your blood sugar drops it can make you overly emotional and jittery; which is never good during disagreement.

Get some exercise

Taking the time for physical activity doesnt mean you have to head off to the gym. Take at least 15-20 minutes a day to go for a walk or jog around your neighborhood. Exercise is a great way to naturally boost your mood too boosting your heart rate and endorphins in the process.

Shift your way of thinking

So many times getting caught up in the negative cycle can keep us in a terrible place emotionally; change your mindset from I cant believe this is ending to I will have a happy, healthy life with or without them By shifting gears from a mentality of ending to one of beginning, youll be more likely to move past the trauma of separation and on to one of happiness.

Seek counseling if you need help

Divorce can be a trying, emotionally draining time for everyone involved, but it shouldnt consume your life. If youre finding it difficult to perform everyday functions, maintain friendships or just feel happytalk to a professional.

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