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Contesting the Accuracy of Urine Tests in DUI Cases

November 1, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Drunk Driving Dui Sobriety Tests

Urine tests used to measure BAC in DUI and drunk driving tests can be inaccurate, and the results can be contested by a defense lawyer.

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Shared Parenting: the New Normal for Children of Divorce

October 15, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Blog Coparenting Divorce Parenting Shared

What is the best custody arrangement for children? That is not usually a question that anyone asks except the courts and legal profession. During the early history of divorces and even into the advent of the no-fault divorce, the natural assumption was always been to award primary custody to one party and visitation to the other one. This arrangement had previously been considered best for the children, but some disagreement about this arrangement has developed in modern times.

New Research Disputes Old Norms

What used to be normal in custody cases was based on research that is now obsolete. In fact, the research is so extensive that its possible to find long-term studies of chil

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How Accurate Are DUI Blood Tests in Testing Sobriety?

October 15, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Blood Tests Dui Defense Sobriety Testing

DUI blood tests are not always accurate. Inaccuracies in sobriety testing are an important part of drunk driving legal defense.

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4 Documents to Change After Your Divorce

June 24, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: After Divorce Blog Divorce

Signing  divorce papersAfter youve finished signing the divorce decree, it might seem like the hard work has passed. While majority of your work has finished, theres a few important details you might want to finish up so you dont wind up with a major problem down the road. Here are four legal documents you need to change, after your divorce is final.

Your name change documents

Chances are after your divorce, going by your married name isnt a top priority so make sure you complete the needed documents to change back to your maiden name. If youre not sure how to do that, contact your local government agency.

Insurance Beneficiaries


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Top 6 Items to Replace After Divorce

June 18, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: After Divorce Blog Divorce

After DivorceOne of the hardest parts of divorce is learning to live solo whether thats with your children or during a week without anyone other than yourself. If youre trying to adapt to a new lifestyle, replacing some items can be important for both the closure and embracing the new start in your life. Here are six items youll want to replace after your divorce:

Your Married Bed

The bedroom is where you shared intimacy, love and bonding which is a hard place to spend your evening after the divorce. If its possible, purchase new bedding set, in whatever colours and prints you desire.

New Photo Albums

While you dont need to gut the entire past youve had togethe

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5 Ways to Separate Yourself From Your Divorce

June 11, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Blog Divorce

Going through a divorce is never an easy thing to do, especially when it seems it continues to be stuck as part of your identity long after the papers are finally signed. Before you resign to being the divorced person for the rest of your life, here are five ways to help shed the stigma of divorce:

Understand youre not alone

With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, its important to realize youre likely not the only one whos cut ties with your partner. When youre going through a divorce the process can seem difficult to move past, but knowing you arent the only one is an important first step. Coming to terms with this can help you finally shed the marriage and continue on to your independenc

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The Top Three Reasons That Couples Divorce

June 8, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Blog Divorce Divorce Reasons

DivorceMost couples marry expecting to spend their entire lives together. Unfortunately, many people will find themselves heading for divorce court. While there are many reasons that couples split up, there are several factors that emerge time and again as relationship killers.


Arguments over money frequently lead couples into divorce court. There are several theories about why this is the case, but experts believe that fights over money mask deeper value issues. Determining your philosophy on money---whether to spend, save or invest--before you get married will help to prevent the common disagreements that couples face.


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Understanding Your Parenting Plan

May 26, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Divorce Parenting Plan Parenting Time

A parenting plan describes the parenting arrangements you and ex have agreed upon regarding the care of your children. It would include different components relating to parenting time and responsibilities of each parent.

The parenting plan works to make the children the main focus, devising a solution that puts their best interests first; while still considering the practical needs of the parents.

Creating Your Parenting Plan

Your attorneys will be able to help you in creating a plan that works for both you and your family.

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How to Mentally Unwind and Relax During a Divorce

May 17, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Blog Divorce

It seems like your mind is forever running and whatever you do, you just cant calm the nerves long enough to relax. Divorce can play a major function in mental and emotional chaos in your life, but its important to stay on top of your well-being too. Not only do your children deserve calm, nurturing environment; staying at a heightened level of stress can be bad for your overall health too. Here are 6 techniques to relax and unwind even in the middle of a divorce.

Get enough rest

It feels like your mind is spinning; youre hurt and youre angry. Thats okay, provided youre still taking the time to rest and focus on other areas in your life. Take at least six to

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16 Tips for Living as a Single Parent After A Divorce

May 10, 2015 — by JWGLAWYER
Tags: Blog Divorce

Making the adjustment to single parenting isnt always easy from not having a back up on the tough nights of misbehaving to needing someone to talk to when youre stressed. As you make the journey into single parenting, heres a list of 16 tips to live by to make your life a little less stressful along the way.

Do not ask your children to relay messages to the other parents its not fair to ask them to get in the middle.

Do not make your child feel guilty or badly for visiting, having fun or enjoying the time with their other parentthey have a right to participate and be with them.

Do not make promises to your children you cannot keep especially if its regarding an activity or planned ev

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